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Founding Member and Owner - Pieter W. Nel                                                             
Nationality - South African

Matriculated in 1971 and completed military training in 1972. Then studied forestry at Saasveld Forest College and later transferred to the Head Office of the Department of Forestry where he gained valuable experience within the industry. He studied nature conservation through the joint partnership of the Wits University and the Pretoria Technicon. 

In 1975 he ventured into the private sector and became a senior sales manager in the life insurance industry from 1975 until 1990, while also owning a successful brokerage. Thereafter he ventured into a career within the outdoor advertising media as a senior partner and senior executive director for the Directosign and Combo Sign Group of Companies. 

In 2002 Pieter was elected as development official for East Gauteng Junior Chess Association and from 2003 to 2011 was the chairperson of East Gauteng Junior Chess. He was elected as vice-president of East Gauteng Chess Union in 2005, and became the president of the East Gauteng Chess Union in 2007, a position he holds still today.

He served as development director for the South African Junior Chess Association from 2005 to 2009. He has taken it upon himself to continue with chess development in his private and personal capacity as a chess organizer and administrator.

He was actively involved in the organization and planning of the Commonwealth Chess Games and the South African Open Chess Championships held at Emperors’ Palace and Conference Centre in 2010. The Commonwealth Chess Championships were a huge success and will lead to various other chess tournaments to be held on a national and international basis.

Pieter has successfully organized chess tours in Europe, such as those at Saint Lo (Normandy) Pardubice (Czech Republic). He has visited many other countries for chess-related business and tourism, notably Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Japan, and to establish a good relationship with people interested in chess tours.



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